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Summer Academy training program
Watch this short video before enrolling:

Summer 2022: 6 weeks; July 11 - Aug 19


  • 7-18 year old players. Players are split by ability level


  • 1 hour and 15 minute training sessions

  • AND 1 hour street soccer sessions (occurs right after training)

  • Overall Focus: Individual Possession

    • Technical ability: First touch, dribbling, passing/striking

    • 1v1 attacking​ & defending

Where: Greis Park, Lynbrook, NY


*Training: 6:30-7:30pm (must arrive 15 minutes prior for warm up)

*Street: 7:30-8:30pm

Both programs includes*

  • SOLD OUT: Junior Academy: 7-12 years old

    • Wednesdays and/or Thursdays

    • 3 Age/Skill levels:

      • FUNdamentals

      • Development

      • Advanced

Goal & Outcome:​

Improved skill and ability on the ball.

Specific outcomes include:

  • Higher ability to retain possession under pressure

  • More understanding and ability in 1v1 situations

  • Next level confidence on the ball while under pressure

Click here to see family reviews


Payment 1: Annual Academy Membership Registration: $150

Membership registration is paid upon completing the registration form below. You will be charged for the training program separately, after you complete registration payment. Membership includes:

  • Personal development section in app

  • Personalized help in building goals

  • Access to video library

  • Dri-fit Training shirt

  • Training journal

  • Access to coach on app

Payment 2: Summer Training Program


One day per week: $495

Two days per week: $695

Sibling receives ~50% off


  1. Submit the Enrollment Form

    • Read and agree to program terms below

  2. Submit Membership Registration

    • Link for payment is at the end of the enrollment form​

  3. Download the app

    • There will be no texts, calls or emails. All communication is through the app.

    • You will receive instructions to create your account upon submitting payment

For one athlete, enroll here:

One Athlete Summer

For siblings, enroll here:

Siblings Summer

Program Terms & Conditions:

Refund Policy

We offer no refunds for any reason or circumstance. All sales are final. There are no makeups for missing sessions.

Payment Policy

Payments are paid in full via our online system. No other forms of payment are accepted.

Annual Membership Registration

Registration is charged for each new registration or once per year. A member who keeps their membership active will NOT pay the annual registration more than once in a 12 month period. Any member who cancels their annual membership and later re-enrolls in the program, will be required to pay registration anew.


Annual Membership Renewal & Cancellation Policy

Membership renews automatically each year until cancelled. Failure to provide written notice of cancellation will result in being charged for the following year. It is your responsibility to provide written notice of cancellation. To avoid discrepancy, please keep your renewal date noted.

Renewal date for Annual Membership is the 1st of the month BEFORE the month your membership began. For example if you started in July, your cancellation date is June 1st of next year. You can cancel your annual membership registration anytime on or before your renewal date.

Liability Waiver & Privacy Policy

By attending any session or enrolling in the program you agree to our liability waiver, privacy policy and media release as detailed at the following linked page: Liability, Privacy and Media Release Form



1. What payment do you accept?

  • We only accept online payment via our ACH online payment system. It's like an e-check.

2. What if I forget to cancel my annual membership registration in time?

  • You will be charged for the following year. 


3. How do I cancel?

  • Simply email us at​ OR you can send us a short message in our app. Please ensure you cancel in time and according to the cancellation policy.

4. Can the program be prorated?

  • Yes. If you join after the program already begun the program is prorated. (Assuming availability).

5. How do you communicate updates?

  • We use an app for all communications in the program. You will be redirected to a page for instructions as soon as you complete enrollment.

  • We do not communicate via phone, text, email or otherwise.

6. Are sessions co-ed?

  • Yes. Our philosophy is that a player is a player is a player. We believe in teaching skill and game understanding. Helping youth players use their skill and game intelligence to compete regardless of physical differences. Our training is less about size or speed and more about speed of thought and execution of skill.​

7. Can parents/guardians watch?

  • Yes. We invite parents/guardians to watch, however there should be no shouting coming from the sidelines. If so, we reserve the right to ask you to leave​. This is 100% for the development of the young athletes. We strongly believe in providing a development friendly environment. The field is their classroom and we don't like interrupting class.

For any other questions or concerns, you can reach out via email at OR you can reach out directly to Coach Fernando at 516-447-0522. Or you can sign up here.

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