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Tiempo Street
Watch this video before scrolling:

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For passionate soccer players ages 8-12 (Junior Academy Group) or 13-18 (Academy Group).

What is Tiempo Street?

Tiempo Street is a small sided pickup program; 3v3 - 6v6, etc. 


How sessions run:

Each session is it's own mini-tournament with one winning team. Winners earn bragging rights and get to hoist the Tiempo Street trophy.

Teams change week to week so athletes play with and against new teammates and opponents.

Program Mission:

Giving passionate young players more pickup and unstructured play. Unfortunately kids rarely play unless it's highly structured. Meaning coaches, refs or parents driving the environment.


Tiempo Street aims to provide a player driven environment revolved around a love for the game.

But why? Well here are 5 reasons:

1. Creativity & Freedom

Only playing in structured competition is like coloring in the lines at all times. It kills creativity.

Street soccer allows players more freedom and creativity. Coloring on a blank canvas, if you will.

2. Growth Mindset

Our environment gives the space to develop skill without the fear of failure. In fact, we encourage players to make mistakes, especially in 1v1s.

Helping players not only overcome fear of failure BUT embracing their mistakes as opportunities to improve.

3. Fluency & Game Understanding

Even for technically advanced players, most lack game understanding. Or as we call it, fútbol fluency. 

Our street program is purposely position-less soccer. We help players understand the fundamentals of positioning, regardless of position. Which are shapes, distances and spacing.

4. Mental Engagement & Ownership

When everything is dependent on the adults, players brains turn off. They don't have to develop their own understanding.

But here players must think for themselves. Finding, strategizing and solving problems for themselves.

5. Deeper Love of the Game


Freedom is a top reason players fall in love with the game. And our street program provides the player a platform to enjoy that freedom.

Tiempo Street is a great supplement to any team trainings or otherwise.


Click here to enroll:


Winter 2022-2023 runs for 12 weeks: November 28 - March 10

Session I: 

  • November 28 - January 20

Session II:

  • January 23 - March 10

New Location this year: Sportime, Lynbrook, NY

Junior Group (8-12):


Tuesdays, Wednesdays @7:30pm

Teen Group:


Middle School Mondays @8pm


Fridays - high school and advanced @7:30pm

*Players split by ability within group.

Membership & Pricing:

Enrollment is membership based.

Payment due up enrollment: Membership Registration: $75*

*Membership is good for 12 months. Meaning if you continue in another season throughout the year, this would NOT have to be paid again.

You will be charged for the street sessions separately. Membership includes:

  • Access to video library and app

  • Dri-fit Training Shirt


Payment 2, to be billed subsequent to registration: Street Program

There are 2 ways to participate:

One Winter session: $250

BOTH Winter sessions: $400* (save $100)

  • *PRORATED for remaining sessions

Year Membership

  • Year members save from $300-400 per year.

  • Contact us at to ​inquire about our year membership. (You cannot enroll in a year membership on this page).

Bottom button to sign up


  1. Submit the Enrollment Form

  2. Pay Membership Registration

    • Link for payment is at the end of the enrollment form​

  3. Download the app

    • All communication is done through the app.

    • You will receive instructions to create your account upon submitting payment

Click here:

Program Terms & Conditions:


Athletes can join at any point in the year regardless of membership level, assuming availability.


To join for the Year you begin a 12 month period from the date of your first official session. Year enrollment will continue year to year until cancelled.


To join for a Season you must complete one full season. Meaning if you join mid-season, the remainder of the season can be prorated but you must also commit for the following season. Season enrollment will continue season to season until you opt-out.

To join as a Drop-in you must begin with at least 2 sessions. Sessions enrollment will continue week to week until you opt-out.

Refund & Makeup Policy

We offer no refunds for any reason or circumstance. All sales are final. There are no makeups for missing sessions. We do offer up to 2 makeups for any rainouts during outdoor seasons (winter is indoors).

If there are no rain dates in a given season, athletes will receive 2 extra sessions free of charge.


Membership Renewal & Cancellation/Opt-Out Policy

Membership renews automatically until cancelled. Failure to provide written notice of cancellation by the cancellation date will result in being charged for the following year.


Cancellation date for Annual Membership is the 1st of the month BEFORE the month your membership began. For example if you started in April, your cancellation date is March 1st.

To cancel your following season, requires cancellation by the 1st of the month the season begins. You will have the season calendars once in the program.


Fall: September - November (Renews Sept 1)

Winter: December - February (Renews Dec 1)

Spring: March - May (Renews Mar 1)

Summer: June - July (Renews June 1)

Failure to provide written notice of cancellation, on or before the cancellation will result in you being charged for the following term. It is your responsibility to provide written notice of cancellation. To avoid discrepancy, please keep your cancellation date noted as well as the season opt-out dates.

Payment Policy

All Memberships are paid in full via our online system. No other forms of payment are accepted. There are no payment plans except for siblings on a Year Membership. For siblings on Year Memberships, you can pay 1st child to start, 2nd child in 30 days. Contact us at to ​inquire about our year membership.


Annual Membership Registration

Registration is charged for each new registration or once per year. A member who keeps their membership active will NOT pay the annual registration more than once in a 12 month period. Any member who cancels their annual membership and later re-enrolls in the program, will be required to pay registration anew.

Liability Waiver & Privacy Policy

By attending any session or enrolling in the program you agree to our liability waiver, privacy policy and media release as detailed at the following linked page: Liability, Privacy and Media Release Form



1. What payment do you accept?

  • We only accept online payment via our ACH online payment system. It's like an e-check.

2. What if I forget to cancel or opt-out in time?

  • You will be charged for the following term based on your membership level. We don't do this to be mean. We do this to protect the enrollment and integrity of the program so we can best serve our athletes.​


3. Are seasons prorated?

  • Yes. If you join after a season has already begun the pricing for that season is prorated.

4. How do I cancel?

  • Simply email us at​ OR you can send us a short message in our app. Please ensure you cancel in time and according to the cancellation policy.

5. How do you communicate updates?

  • We use an app for all communications in the program. You will be redirected to a page for instructions as soon as you complete enrollment.

  • We do not communicate via phone, text, email or otherwise.

6. Are sessions co-ed?

  • Yes. Our philosophy is that a player is a player is a player. We believe in teaching skill and game understanding. Helping youth players use their skill and game intelligence to compete regardless of physical differences. This is also the reason we play small sided. As it's less about size or speed and more about speed of thought and execution of skill.​

7. Can parents/guardians watch?

  • Yes. We invite parents/guardians to watch, however there should be no shouting coming from the sidelines. If so, we reserve the right to ask you to leave​. This is 100% for the development of the young athletes. We strongly believe in providing a park/street style environment, free of adult pressure. The field is their classroom and we don't like interrupting class. Let the game and competition do its thing.


For any other questions or concerns, you can reach out via email at OR you can reach out directly to Coach Fernando at 516-447-0522. Or you can sign up here.

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