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December mini-Camp
Watch this short video before enrolling:

December Small Group Holiday Camp​: Dec 27-29th


  • 8-12 year old players - Playing experience required

  • Limited to 12 players (highly individualized attention and coaching)


  • 3 day intensive mini-camp

  • Overall Focus: Individual possession and attacking

    • Day 1: Turning & Reaction

    • Day 2: 1v1 front facing skill & moves

    • Day 3: Dribbling at Pace & 3v3 style games


Sportset Health & Fitness Club, Turf field


  • Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday; Dec 27-29

  • 12:30 - 2:30pm

Goal & Outcome:​

Our December Holiday camp focuses on helping the individual athlete improve their ability on the ball.


We aim to assist players apply their learning and skill into real game situations. To accomplish this, all sessions run on a 'progressive games based approach'.


At the end of each session will also be small sided play. With less coaching and cues to assist players in applying training to their game...further cementing their learning.

Specific outcomes include:

  • Improving ability to retain possession of the ball under pressure

  • Improving composure and confidence on the ball while under pressure

  • Improving dribbling and 1v1 ability while running at a defender (front facing)

  • An enjoyable and FUN experience!


One Athlete: $275

Sibling receives a $125 discount (~45% off)

*Includes a Nike Tiempo dry-fit training shirt

Current academy members please enroll on the app.

Program Terms/FAQs:

  1. What payment do you accept?

    • We only accept online payment via our ACH payment system. (Bank payment - no debit/credit cards - it's like an electronic check)

  2. Refunds?

    • There are no refunds. All sales are final. 

  3. How do you communicate?

    • The Parent Community within the google classroom app is where all scheduling and updates are communicated. Parents/Guardians must join the app.

    • We do not update or communicate via text, email or otherwise.

  4. What if I miss a session do I get a makeup?

    • There are no makeups if you miss a session or if you are late to a session.

  5. For camps, do I have to attend all days?

    • In general, yes you must attend all days. You may be able to attend a partial camp. If you're only able to participate in part of the camp, please reach out to receive a prorated price. The phone number is below.

  6. Is this co-ed?

    • Yes. We believe a player is a player is a player. Our training is very technical and focuses on skill over physical strength.
  7. Can parents/guardians watch?

    • We invite parents/guardians to watch their child, however there should be no yelling or shouting coming from the sidelines. If so, we reserve the right to ask you to leave​. This is 100% for the kids and should be free of adult pressure. Allow our coaching and environment to do our thing.

    • WINTER: Due to covid restrictions, families are not allowed to enter the facility

Enrollment Steps:

For any current academy member, you can enroll within the app. You do not need to enroll below. Just reach out in the app.

  1. Read program terms/FAQs above and the liability waiver:

  2. Select the correct Enrollment Form below

  3. Submit payment

    • Link for payment is at the end of the enrollment form​

  4. Download the app and join the 'Parent Community'

    • For schedule, updates and all communication​

    • There will be no texts, calls or emails

For one athlete, enroll here: $275

One Athlete

For siblings, enroll here: $425 (includes $125 sibling discount)


Any questions, reach out to Coach Fernando at 516-447-0522.

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