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Here to Get Better

Tiempo Soccer is the premier player development academy on Long Island. Where everything we do is for the sole purpose of getting better. Specifically we call South Nassau County home.


Our mission is to help youth players maximize their potential. Helping young athletes achieve their personal goals, while developing confidence and skill.


We are completely invested in the success of all our students. Not only as soccer players but as young individuals.

On the field our goal is developing skilled, creative and fearless athletes. By developing the technical and tactical skills required to play the game at a high level.

We also focus on game understanding. Through meticulous session planning and diving into details, we help players understand the where, when and why.


Off the field our goal is developing mentally strong and accountable athletes. We know we won't be their coach forever. So we teach our athletes a growth mindset and how to take responsibility for their development.


​We believe our young athletes already have what's needed for success inside them. We simply seek to bring it out of them.

Head over to our Academy page to learn about our academy programs.

Apply Here

To Apply to our Academy programs click the "Apply Here" button below. The first step is to submit your application and schedule your free zoom application call.

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